Meet Our Farmers

A & M Farm Market

Asprocolas Acres
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Brendon Pearsall Flower Grower
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Small acre cut flower production in East Brunswick, NJ.

Brookville Farms
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Brown Dog Produce

Cedarville Farm

Dewolf Farms
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vegetable and u pick

Dunhams Corner Farm Market

Small Produce Farm/Farm Market

Ethan Wood Farms
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Fairgrown Farm
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organic vegetables

Farmer Al's Market & Greenhouses
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Farmer Dave

Forrest Farm
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Fresh ponds farm
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Fresh Ponds Farm is a family farm owned by Dave and Joyce Chagnon, specializing in fresh vegetables and herbs for our 20 week CSA, farm fresh eggs, local honey and perennials.

Grazing Meadows Farm

Haines Berry Farm

Hauser Hill Farms
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Century Farm producing highest quality, hand picked fruits and vegetables. We grow it all, from A(pples) to Z(ucchini)!

Haynicz bros llc

Hillsboro Farm

Hunter Vegetable Farm

James Durr Farms
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Jay Hyland
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john h drake
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Kauffman Farm

Kerr’s Kornstand

Kucowski Farm
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If interested in produce please call and place order or inquire about availability directly with us at 609-298-5056 or call Tri County Manager for information

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Vegetables including fruits and vegetables fresh in season including blueberry Orchard and U-Pick blueberry and pumpkin U-Pick

Marchese Farm
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We use Organic practices (Certification pending) to grow a large selection of vegetables on 20 acres.

matarazzo farms

fruits vegetables , plants cut flowers in belvidere and north caldwell we do farmer markets in north jersey

Mendies Farms

Michal Farm

Small you pick asparagus, Blueberry, Fig, yam/sweet potatoes

Michelle O'Connor

Miladinov Bros Farm

Muth Family Farm
[Farm Photo]

Organic produce is grown without chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. Only approved, natural products may be used in growing the crops. This is healthier for you, and for the environment as well. As of October 21, 2002, all produce labeled “Organic”, (with sales totaling over $500) must be certified organic. This certification process requires that certain standards be met for a product to be called “organic”. We are certified by the New Jersey Department of Agriculture. We have been certified organic since 2001. At Muth Family Farm, we strive to bring you the freshest, highest quality organic produce possible at a reasonable price!


A multiple site family run farm, we grow using only sustainable methods. Our farm stand in Morganville NJ, sells our produce as well as that of our (Organic and/or Sustainable) partners.

Nilsen farms
[Farm Photo]

We are a family owned and operated business. We have a variety of home grown veggies such as tomatoes, peppers, zucchinni, cucumbers, super sweet white corn!! Etc.. we also sell homemade jams,relishes and pickles. Farm fresh eggs slso available from our chickens. Were located on tennent rd morganville nj 07751 oppisite the robertsville church

Original Columbus Farm And Market

Peck Farms
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Profeta Farms
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Local is the new organic. Knowing how your food is raised, harvested, and processed means the world to people who understand that our health is determined in large part by what we eat. The USDA organic label means a lot of things. It carries with it certain guarantees, but not all the guarantees that people may attribute to it. Local_Oraginc_Farm For example, USDA organic DOES mean non-GMO seeds. It DOES mean no harmful chemical pesticides or fertilizers. But you can buy certified organic frozen vegetables in a bag that is “microwave-ready,” and the bag has probably been treated with harmful carcinogens. The food inside is organic, but it is not as healthy to microwave and eat as you might think. Same with most organic canned foods. The cans themselves are treated with chemicals that are not listed and that we know little about. Fresh organic produce comes with lots of advantages, but packaged organic foods are subject to a lot of compromises that are the result of pressure on the organic standards by large industrial food companies. For some people, the humane treatment of animals is the most important criteria in food selection. USDA organic does not speak to that at all. Eggs can be organic if the chickens laying them are fed organic feed, even if they are raised with factory-farming practices, in confinement, with clipped beaks, etc. And eggs can be labeled “cage-free” or “free-roaming” even if the chickens that lay them have never set foot outside. If the door is opened for 15 minutes a day, then the chickens are deemed to have had the “opportunity” to go outside and can be called cage-free, even though the farmer and the USDA know they never will. Organic_StrawberriesLabels on foods are usually an attempt to market products to consumers, not to share information with people about their food. BUT, if you know your farmer, and shop for local, organic, “clean food,” you have a much better chance to make healthy choices for your body, mind, and soul. There is no substitute for visiting a farm, or for knowing someone who knows the farm. At our farm, visitors are free to come and look at the pigs rooting around in the woods outside their barn. See the chickens scratching around outside their coop. See the cows grazing on the organic grass. Check out our barn. You will not find any pesticides or chemical fertilizers. When we wanted fresh goat’s milk for our infant son, we drove two hours to a goat dairy farm in central Pennsylvania and saw for ourselves how the goats were living, how they were treated and how clean the processing equipment was in the dairy, etc. Thanks to the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture for providing us with a list of all their member dairy farms. Few people have time to go on missions like that. But buying local food from a trustworthy, known source makes a huge difference. For us, it brings a confidence that we are making the best choices for our health and well-being that the organic label alone does not provide. Profeta Farms is proud to provide clean, organic, humanely-raised foods for our New Jersey community and beyond! Retail Hours Open Daily 10am to 6pm Sign Up Sign up to receive emails about seasonal items, special offers and events.

Rebecca's Sheep Farm

Robson's Farm
[Farm Photo]

Located at: 33 Rahilly Road Wrighstown, NJ 08562 Robson's Farm is a fourth generation (after a 6 year's good to be back!) orchard fruit, vegetable, and cut flower farm in Central New Jersey. After my Grandpop and Dad passed away in 2006, with much sadness we said goodbye to the big farm. We did however, keep 40 acres up the street from the original farm on Rt. 537. And 6 years later in 2013 Robson's Farm became a 4th generation farm. Rose on an Ag Leadership trip to Arizona super excited about orange picking (but who wouldn't be excited about orange picking?!)

Schmidt’s Farm

Spring Wind Farm
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Cut flowers and event design

Stern Farm
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Stern Farms is located in Creamridge, New Jersey. This organization primarily operates in the General Farms, Primarily Crop business / industry within the Agricultural Production - Crops sector. This organization has been operating for approximately 51 years.

Stillwell Farms (Erine Stillwell)
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Cut flowers variety of other vegetables

Suydam Farms


TammySue's Kitchen

The Mott's Farm

Produce stand in Freehold Township

Tri-County Cooperative
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Von Thun Farms

Westerby Farms

Windsor Farm
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Wright Way Farms