Donate to Farmers Against Hunger

New Jersey Farmers Against Hunger, a program of the New Jersey Agricultural Society, works with farmers statewide to collect surplus produce for distribution to food banks, church food pantries and soup kitchens. Annually, we collect over one million pounds from over 40 farms! FAH accepts produce that is off-size or slightly bruised, but still edible. There are three ways to make your donation through Tri-County:
1. Leave your donation in the corner of the cooler at Tri-County (marked with our Farmers Against Hunger sign). Log in on the clipboard on the wall and write the name of your farm, lbs, crop, date and signature. You can call to let us know it is there, especially if it is marginal and needs to go out fast. Ask for Brian: 609-519-7745.
2. Call us to schedule a pick up at your farm. Ask for Brian: 609-519-7745.

3. Call to schedule a volunteer group to glean your fields. We typically work for two hours and recover what you may otherwise plow under. We also can recover dropped apples. We work with school, youth, church and corporate groups. Volunteers can email: to receive event notices or call Kris:609-462-9691

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